Spider-Man Finally Revealed in Latest Civil War Trailer


Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man.

For months now, Marvel has kept our collective Spidey-sense tingling with promises that Spider-Man, a character notably absent from the MCU until now due to legal shenanigans with Sony, would be appearing in Captain America: Civil War. Fans have been clamoring for a look at everyone’s favorite radioactive high school student for months. Well wait no longer. Check out the trailer to the right.

Well, there he is. Whatever legal wizardry Marvel pulled off to bring the character back into the fold has paid off. Spider-Man plays such a central role in the original Civil War event that it’s difficult to imagine how even a heavily adapted version of the story would work without him.

So how about that costume? We only get a brief look at it in less than ideal lighting conditions, but personally, I’m a fan. It’s seems less textured than the 2002 and 2012 versions, giving the web-slinger a smoother more straight-off-the-page look. The shrinking eyes with the thick black outlines are a nice call-back to his classic, pre-McFarlane mask design.

He sounds young too. Very young. Baby-faced actor, Tom Holland, is 19, but this version of Spider-Man sounds a lot more high school than college. I think it works. A big part of Peter Parker’s arc in the Civil War event was his conflicted loyalty to and awe of competing father figures, Iron Man and Captain America. A younger Spider-Man, one young enough to actually be either character’s kid, makes that parallel a lot clearer.

There’s a ton of other tidbits and references to be found in the trailer – Is that structure rising from the ocean the metahuman prison (designed by Reed Richards in the comics)? Is that an IRON MAN WRIST WATCH? etc – so sound off in the comments if you notice anything juicy.

Captain America: Civil War swings into Cinema May 6th.

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