Sports Story out now today release date Sidebar Games Nintendo Switch eShop December 23, 2022

It is the final day of “Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event” at the Nintendo YouTube channel, which has cast a spotlight on several upcoming and newly launched indie games for Nintendo Switch. Today, the event culminated with the surprise announcement that Sidebar Games’ Sports Story is out now on Switch, available to download from the eShop for $14.99. The last Nintendo Indie World Showcase had announced that Sports Story would come out on Switch sometime in December, and now here it is at last.

The game was originally revealed in December 2019, as a more fully featured follow-up to the well-received Switch exclusive Golf Story. This new game contains eight more unique golf courses, a tennis world tour, and the ability to start a soccer team. From there, gameplay will branch out to include unlockable BMX, minigolf, cricket, volleyball, fishing, and other activities. There is also exploration in-between all of the sports, including taking a train, helicopter, or houseboat to check out dungeons, ruins, and the “mysterious Wildlands.”

Surprise-launching a long-anticipated indie game two days before Christmas is a little odd, but the Golf Story fans that have been waiting all this time for Sports Story to come out on Switch won’t be complaining. It’s a Nintendo-contrived miracle!

Other games highlighted today at Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event include twin-stick roguelite shooter Dust & Neon (available in early 2023), emotional survival game Undying (available in spring 2023), and classic RPG Sea of Stars (available in 2023).

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