Square Enix Adapting Tactics Ogre for PSP

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Square Enix is remaking the popular strategy title Tactics Ogre for the PSP while keeping the original gameplay and adding some extra content.

Tactics Ogre never saw an SNES release here in North America, though we did eventually see a PlayStation version arrive on our shores about three years after the original game was published in Japan. Square Enix seems to think the original game is worthy of a re-release, and the publisher has announced that it’s remaking the original SNES version for the PSP.

Famitsu Magazine, which broke the news, has learned that the upcoming game’s title is Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fate. Not only will it keep the look of the original SNES title, but it will also be fully 3D (meaning players can rotate the camera for an improved battlefield viewpoint). Accordingly, gameplay is supposed to remain the same as it originally was, though the on-screen unit count will be increased from 20 to 30 and there will be new character classes and skills available.

Famitsu also revealed that some of the original development team is working on this remake: Director Hiroshi Minagawa, character designers Akihiro Yoshia and Tsubasa Masao, musicians Hitoshi Sakimoto and Iwata Masaji, and designer Yasumi Matsuno have all come on board for the game. Matsuno is even adding new story and character elements.

I never played Tactics Ogre, but I did spend a few weeks addicted to Ogre Battle (the first game in the series) when I was stuck at home with a spinal injury that left me bedridden. Square Enix hasn’t announced a release date for this new project, nor has the publisher stated if a Western port will come out. If the game is released in North America, though, I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.

Source: Eurogamer

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