Square Enix now says that no personal user information was compromised during the recent hack of its members service.

One week ago, Square Enix revealed that its servers had suffered “unauthorized access,” which is of course a kinder, gentler way of saying it had been hacked. The initial reports didn’t sound too awful, certainly nothing near the scale of the attack on the PlayStation Network earlier this year; Square wrote that some personal information may have been accessed but insisted that there was no possibility that credit card information had been stolen and estimated that the service would be down for only a few days.

Yet things actually seemed to get worse after a few days, when the company revealed that names, telephone numbers and email addresses of as many as 1.8 million people may have been stolen. Better that than credit card information, I suppose, but it’s still hardly what anyone would call a good situation. But now it seems that maybe there’s not all that much to worry about after all.

“As a result of our continuing investigation, we have now confirmed that the database in which we store personal information was NOT accessed during the recent server intrusion,” Square Enix wrote in a Square Enix Members site status update. “Therefore, your personal information was NOT compromised by an unknown third party.”

It’s still going to take a little longer than first expected to relight the fires, however. The statement said that the Square Enix Members service is expected to be reopened by the end of December; further details will be announced at a later date.

via: Develop

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