Square Enix Teaser Site Could Hint at New Star Ocean

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Square Enix’s latest countdown clock is set to reveal a new game on December 11.

Square Enix loves countdown clocks, and the publisher has set up another one that’s currently ticking down the seconds until a new game is announced. The clock is prominently displayed on an accompanying teaser site, which features a starry space background, some planets, oh, and the word “star” in the upper right-hand corner. Could this be hinting at a new Star Ocean game?

For fans of Square Enix’s long-running RPG series (no, not Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest–the one in space), it’s been nearly four years since Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released. There’s not a lot to go by on the teaser site, but the hints seem to point at something Star Ocean-related, even if it’s not necessarily the next entry in the franchise. The URL even contains the word “liftoff,” with the page called “Secret Title 2012.12.12.”

Less than five days remain until the mystery is solved. When Square Enix published a similar teaser site for The World Ends With You earlier this year, the reveal was an iOS port, not a sequel. Perhaps instead of a new game, some of the earlier Star Ocean titles are being adapted for handhelds or mobile. We’ll find out for sure in four days, 11 hours, and counting…

Source: Liftoff via Polygon

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