Square Enix Wants Another Ten Years of Deus Ex


Deus Ex is a “key IP” to Square Enix, says CEO Yoichi Wada, on a par with Final Fantasy.

The Deus Ex series has already spanned ten years – although admittedly it took a lengthy rest after the release of Invisible War in 2003 – and new owners Square Enix thinks it’ll be another ten years before the series runs out of steam.

Wada hoped that Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the third game in the series, would revive the franchise, and said that Square Enix wanted to be pulling in profit from Human Revolution and its successors for the next decade. He seemed to put Deus Ex on an equal footing with Square Enix’s flagship RPG series, Final Fantasy, calling it a “key IP” that Square Enix was looking to expand.

While the word “profit” is probably ringing a few alarm bells in people’s heads, Eidos Montreal seems to be trying very hard to make Human Revolution a worthy addition to the Deus Ex series, and Square Enix’s acquisition of Eidos early last year doesn’t seem to have altered that goal at all. It would appear that Square Enix’s plan to make a profit on Deus Ex is to make the games really, really good, which can only be a good thing for fans and newcomers alike.

Source: MCV

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