Square’s “VII” Countdown Site Is Not for FFVII


Talk about a buzzkill. Square-Enix’s mysterious countdown which featured a prominent “VII” at one point has ended, and the game it revealed is most definitely not Final Fantasy VII.

If you’re still dreaming of a PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VII, keep dreaming. Cloud fanboys and fangirls, delusional they sometimes can be, had last pinned their hopes on a mysterious countdown on a Square-Enix teaser site which, at one point, had the giant roman numeral “VII” on its main page. Which obviously meant that Square was about to announce a PS3 remake, right? Right?

Wrong. The countdown has ended and the game has been revealed. It’s not nearly as exciting as a Final Fantasy VII remake, or, in my opinion, is it as exciting as what I had been hoping for, an Ehrgeiz remake. It is, instead, this: Lord of Vermillion 2, a sequel to an arcade/collectible card game hybrid that’s popular in Japan.

Lord of Vermillion 2 features Final Fantasy characters, but they’re not even from VII. Instead, we get cameos from Final Fantasy IV in the form of Kain, Rydia, Edge and Golbez. Also appearing are characters from Romancing SaGa 2, and, interestingly, popular CCG Magic: The Gathering. Kinda of a weird East-meets-West flavor going on there, and possible indication that the game might actually be going domestic. It could happen – Square trademarked the name Lord of Arcana in the US some time ago, Siliconera noted.

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