Stainless Games Kickstarts Carmageddon

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The racing game for the chemically imbalanced wants your help.

It was just under a year ago that Stainless Games revealed its plan for a new addition to the Carmageddon franchise, the most wantonly violent series of open world racing games ever created. We haven’t heard much about it since, aside from the occasional cry of “I was in the war,” but now it looks like the studio is finally ready to stand on it.

Carmageddon, “the racing game where racing is for wimps,” is the latest old-time classic to seek publicly-funded resurrection on Kickstarter. The new game will be a reboot of the original, bringing it up to speed with “state of the rendered art” visuals, rag doll pedestrians and physics-based power-ups. LAN and online multiplayer will be supported and the instant replay function will now let drivers upload their best, most murderous moments directly to YouTube.

“We’re not just doing this because we saw what happened with Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, and the other oldies around here that are making great comebacks,” the team wrote on its Kickstarter page. “What happened is that these other projects opened our eyes to the fantastic opportunity that crowd-sourced funding represents.”

“Anyway, other games don’t let you glue a penguin to the ground and then fire it through a plate glass window with a giant spring,” it added. “We do.”

The Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter goal is $400,000 and it’s already doing very well for itself, pushing $65,000 on its first day. Reaching the target will allow the team to get the “first release” out by February 2013; if it fails, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer.

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