Stalin vs. Martians 3 Debuts “Neon Genesis Stalin”

It’s a special Thanksgiving weekend treat just for you: the first super-hot Stalin vs. Martians 3 screens, right here and right now!

Stalin vs. Martians was not very good. In his review, in fact, John Funk called it “incredibly not-very-good.” But there was a certain element of fun to the pre-release shenanigans too, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying that part of it even as I didn’t think twice about actually buying the thing.

Will Stalin vs. Martians 3 be any better? I don’t know. I can’t imagine it being much worse, for whatever that’s worth, but I would suggest that potential consumers approach it with a certain degree of caution; after all, a minimum $25 Kickstarter pledge for a single copy of the sequel to one of the most famously half-baked games in recent memory is a little on the steep side.

In any event, the Kickstarter is rolling and the first update is here: Five not-entirely-terrible screens showing the giant Combat Operational Battle Armor, also known as Neon Genesis Stalin, in action against the green-skinned invaders from another world. Bullshots? Maybe – but honestly, if you’re not going into this assuming the whole thing is a bullshot, you’re probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

Source: Kickstarter

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