Stan Lee Joins Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Vocal Cast


Furthering his campaign to be crowned the king of geeky cameos, legendary comic book creator Stan Lee has signed an agreement with Activision to lend his voice to the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Though this morning’s official announcement fails to mention who exactly Mr. Lee will be voicing, it claims the “role is significant to the game’s storyline.”

Interestingly, the press release also says “Lee lends his likeness and voice” to the game, perhaps hinting that the former Marvel Comics head will actually be appearing as himself, in much the same way that Lee made cameo appearances in the Marvel universe in a number of self-referential comic books throughout his tenure with the firm.

Comic fans and film buffs will no doubt recall Lee’s appearances in the numerous films based on Marvel properties that have proven intensely lucrative over the past decade. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 however, marks Lee’s first appearance in a videogame.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 retells the story of Marvel’s recent “Civil War” event, in which the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe spent months bickering over whether they should register themselves as weapons of mass destruction following a horrific accident meant to mirror the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The game ships to retail this September.


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