Stan Lee Talks Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


Legendary comics creator Stan Lee seems mighty impressed with what he calls “the Ultimate Alliance 2 game,” which he discusses in this behind-the-scenes clip.

It can’t be easy to impress Stan Lee. The guy has seen it all, hell, he helped create it all. So when Lee says that he thinks there’s something novel about the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, that’s gotta be saying something, right? For him, it’s the gameplay mechanic that lets heroes combine their powers into special moves that’s the most interesting thing.

“These days, if you can do something to entertain fans that hasn’t been done before, well you’ve accomplished a great thing,” Lee said.

Lee also dishes on the Civil War storyline that unfolds in the game, which finds superheroes battling it out with other superheroes over the rise of a government program that requires heroes to register with the government. Lee gives his own take on whose side he would choose and what it means to be a superhero. Check out the video, true believers. And, uh, excelsior! Is that enough Stan Lee catchphrases for a single article? I hope so.

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