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Star Citizen’s single-player campaign, Squadron 42, won’t be coming as soon as fans may have hoped. Roberts Space Industries (RSI), an affiliate of developer Cloud Imperium Games, recently published a long letter from CEO Chris Roberts including, among other things, an update on the beta version of the game, making it clear that it won’t be ready to show gameplay or talk about release plans for quite some time. The campaign component had previously been planned to launch its beta test before the end of 2020.

Roberts said that Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 segment is being treated as “a beautifully wrapped present under the tree that you are excited to open on Christmas Day, not knowing exactly what is inside, other than that it’s going to be great. Because of this I have decided that it is best to not show Squadron 42 gameplay publicly, nor discuss any release date until we are closer to the home stretch and have high confidence in the remaining time needed to finish the game to the quality we want.”

Though the developer’s Briefing Room update show will be going on hiatus, the studio says it will communicate progress when it can, through monthly updates.

Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer sci-fi simulation game that boasts more than $339 million funds raised and nearly 3 million total players. The game was officially unveiled in 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign being revealed shortly after. An alpha version was launched and still sees regular updates, but Star Citizen has never seen an official launch to this day and still has no concrete date to do so. Some controversy has surrounded the slow development of the game and how details of its development have been communicated.

Likewise, Squadron 42 was originally set to launch in 2014 and garnered tremendous excitement. The cast for the game apparently includes faces like Gary Oldman, Andy Serkis, and Mark Hamill. However, after today’s update, there is no word on when you’ll be able to enjoy this new narrative.


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