In a move that shouldn’t really surprise anyone, the singleplayer campaign for Star Citizen: Squadron 42, has been delayed.

At this year’s Citizencon, Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen exhibition, it was revealed that the upcoming singleplayer campaign for Star Citizen: Squadron 42 has been delayed. The original release date for the game was late 2016, but has now been officially pushed back to “2017”.

The team stated that while a lot of the technology behind Squadron 42 is done there are still a few areas that are lacking such as AI logic and mission integration. It says that its current goal is to bring the game’s first chapter to release quality, and then show it off to the public. Squadron 42 has 28 chapters.

The CEO of CIG, Chris Roberts, spoke at lengh about the status of Star Citizen during Citizencon’s closing keynote. He talked a lot about upcoming updates and new technology, but did not offer any kind of release dates for any of these things. You can watch the whole thing in the video above.

Star Citizen, which was originally due to launch at the end of 2014, has had some pretty well-documented development woes. This “indefinite” delay of Squadron 42 simply adds to that.

Will Star Citizen ever actually be released?

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