He’s pursuing personal projects, not being canned. Honest.

You remember Paramount’s Brian Miller; he’s the guy who said “our goal was to make the most authentic Star Trek game we could,” who produced the game, and put himself out there as its public face. There are penalties for being the public face of a game which tanks; after 14 years at Paramount, Miller’s on his way out the door, to pursue personal projects.

This news may please J.J. Abrams, who claimed to have been emotionally hurt by the video game tie-in. He also alleged its failure had hurt his film’s prospects – a debatable claim, given the film’s other problems – and suggested throwing out everything that had gone before and starting from scratch for the next game.

“For me,” Miller told Forbes a while back, “if we can go out there and we can get fans to really like the game and say ‘you know what, that was a really fun game’ that’s a win.” It didn’t pan out that way, and that’s as much of a disappointment for Paramount as anyone. It deliberately kept development in-house, thinking that farming it out to a game developer would only hurt the brand. Now Miller has to be wondering whether being the public face of a conspicuous failure – all those interviews, all those quotes – was such a great idea after all.

Source: Deadline

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