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If you were sorely disappointed that Star Trek: Lower Decks is not a light-hearted children’s cartoon, then today is your day. The title and logo for the second animated Star Trek series was announced today in conjunction with Comic-Con@Home. The show, officially called Star Trek: Prodigy, is a youth-oriented CGI-animated series from writers of Trollhunters and will air on Nickelodeon starting sometime in 2021.

As you can see, the logo is pretty colorful, hearkening back to the posters for the classic Star Trek films that often featured rainbow aesthetics streaking out from behind actors’ heads. The Nickelodeon series itself will focus on a group of teenagers who run away and steal a derelict Starfleet ship, setting out on adventures throughout the Trek universe. Hopefully, they won’t be quite as annoying as Star Trek‘s most famous teenager.

Kevin and Dan Hageman are writing Star Trek: Prodigy. The duo wrote and produced on Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters, which gives us an idea of the age level that Eye Animation Productions, CBS Television’s new animation division, is aiming for.

There’s no word when Star Trek: Prodigy will take place in Trek‘s timeline (or which timeline, for that matter), but expect more info to come soon as ComicCon@Home rolls on and CBS ramps up its Star Trek offerings, which now include a whopping six shows and counting. They really should just rename CBS All Access to The Star Trek Stream Platform.

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