star wars battlefront ii the age of rebellion update

On their forums, Electronic Arts has detailed the new Star Wars Battlefront II update arriving tomorrow, Feb. 26. Called The Age of Rebellion, it will see DICE’s mutiplayer shooter returning to the original trilogy and adding a sizable amount of new content. Beyond the typical hero improvements and bug fixes found in a patch, it will include seven new co-op locations, two Heroes Vs. Villains maps (MC85 Star Cruiser and Resurgent-class Star Destroyer), two new reinforcements, four new weapons, and four capital ships for cooperative play.

The two new reinforcements in tomorrow’s Star Wars Battlefront II update are Ewok Hunter and ISB Agent, which are for the Rebellion and Galactic Empire respectively. The Ewok Hunter uses its Hunter’s Bow as a primary weapon and will feature automatic aiming when not zoomed in. While not the most powerful character, the Ewok Hunter is able to stay stealthy since its bow firing doesn’t appear on scanners in-game. The character can also use its Valiant Horn ability to get out of a bind by temporarily improving their attack and damage resistance, but that will immediately put them on enemy radars. Other unique attributes include the character’s Wisties Pouch, which will allow him to throw fire sprites to burn foes, and Hunter’s Instinct, which will allow them to identify weakened opponents.

Meanwhile, the ISB Agent is armed with two RK-3 blasters and excels in close-combat scenarios. Her Assault Training ability allows the Galactic Empire member to get an increased sprint speed and damage reduction. Other abilities for the reinforcement character include Imperial Intel, which allows her to reveal the four closest enemies (or more if she can defeat them while active), and Double Your Effort, which will regenerate base health for nearby allies.

Cooperative play additions to the Star Wars Battlefront II Age of Rebellion update include seven locales in the form of Yavin, Death Star II, Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Kessel, and Jabba’s Palace. New capital ships are the Republic Venator and Separatist Dreadnaught, with two more on the way. Finally, the four new blaster weapons are the medium-range E-11D, the short-range DL-18, a heavy blaster called the T-21, and a Cycler Rifle that was used by the Tusken Raiders.

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