Star Wars: Battlefront will finally be breaking radio silence at this year’s E3.

It’s been a long time since Star Wars: Battlefront fans have gotten their fix. The second game launched almost a decade ago, and while DICE rekindled that excitement with a teaser trailer at last year’s E3, we’ve heard almost nothing substantial since then. Well, that’s finally going to change: EA will be showing off Star Wars: Battlefront at E3 2014, along with up to five other EA titles – possibly including the Star Wars projects that Visceral Games and BioWare are quietly developing.

This promise comes from EA CEO Andrew Wilson. Wilson was asked about the status of EA’s Star Wars projects in an investor call, to which he responded that Star Wars: Battlefront “and other new projects in development” are being prepared for appearances at E3. That means we only have to wait for about a month before getting a real look at Battlefront on the Frostbite engine.

E3 2014 is slated for June 10-12, though the press conferences will kick off a day before the expo proper. EA’s press conference has been confirmed for June 9 at 12 p.m., so if they want to wow us with a Battlefront reveal, that’s likely where they’ll do it – be sure to tune in. Our Bothan spies will, of course, be reporting on the event as it happens.

Source: Polygon

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