The Core Rulebook for Fantasy Flight Game’s Star Wars: Force and Destiny will have 448 pages and cost $59.95.

If you’re a fan of both Star Wars and tabletop gaming then there’s a good chance you’ve dipped your toes in the catalog of Fantasy Flight Games. The makers of several well-regarded games grounded in the beloved franchise, the company has most recently been working hard on a new RPG based on brand. Dubbed Star Wars: Force and Destiny, the game announced back in 2012 and beta tested at Gen Con 2014. According to a recent press release, however, gamers can now expect the new RPG to release sometime during the third quarter of 2015.

The Core Rulebook, as described by the announcement, will be 448 pages in length and be fully illustrated to help “immerse players fully in the Star Wars universe.” The book will include “all the information that players and GMs need to launch a Force and Destiny roleplaying campaign.” This will include “instructions for character creation” as well as “a catalogue of gear” and “chapters on the Force.” It will reportedly also include a “ready-to-play adventure” named Lessons from the Past that prospective GMs will be able to use to launch a campaign.

Force and Destiny itself will focus on a “struggle to restore balance to the Force” and follow “powerful Force-sensitive” players as they fight for “justice under Imperial rule” and search for “the lost remnants of the Jedi order.” While the game will feature a new “independent” rule set and gameplay system, Fantasy Flight has designed it to be cross-compatible with its other Star Wars/ RPGs Age of Rebellion and Edge of Empire. The Core Rulebook will cost $59.95. An additional Game Master’s Kit is also planned for $19.95. A beginner’s game set was also announced last month and is slated to release in the second quarter of 2015.

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