A custom figure maker has provided his take on Star Wars as a fantasy RPG.

Custom figure creator Sillof is back with another set of Star Wars action figures to make you wonder: “What if?” This time he’s brought the main Star Wars cast of characters back into the medieval fantasy realm.

Previous Sillof works have included steampunk Star Wars and western Star Wars, amongst many other amazing creations found at his website. His latest line of figures gives everyone a class and race, just like you might see in an RPG.

Going by the basic archetypes of the Star Wars characters, you can pretty much guess who’s what. R2D2 becomes Randor Deeptomb, the mute, dwarven sidekick of minstrel Cadpollo Gildenrod. Darth Vader transforms into powerful knight Deth Valkor, who betrays his king and takes over the land. Han Solo is a rogue, while Chewbacca is a hairy orc that wields a giant crossbow.

Of course, it’s up to Lukos Swordbearer to slay a bunch of slimes, goblins, and x-winged beasts to gain enough experience to level up and take down Deth Valkor. He looks a little puny right now, so it’ll probably take a good 60-100 hours. One of the toughest boss fights will likely be Boran Fayne, who uses custom-built armor and weapons.

How have these figures not been turned into a videogame yet?

Source: Sillof.com

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