Star Wars Goes Golden in New Children’s Books

Random House is launching a new line of Star Wars Little Golden Books based on the six released Star Wars movies.

I feel safe in saying that, at some point, we’ve probably all read a Little Golden Book. A mainstay of children’s book stores and supermarkets, they’ve served as a cheap and enjoyable source of children’s reading material since the 1940s. During that time they’ve told countless stories including everything from nursery rhymes and fairy tales to adaptations of cartoons and films. Now, the Golden Books will be helping to retell the most famous saga from a galaxy far, far away.

According to an announcement released earlier this month, Random House, in cooperation with Disney, has plans to publish a new collection of Little Golden Books based on the six currently released Star Wars films. These, of course, will include The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Speaking about the new books, Disney representatives expressed excitement over the opportunity they could provide for parents interested in introducing their children to Star Wars. “The Star Wars franchise has woven itself into the hearts and minds of generations of fans, many of whom read Little Golden Books as children,” said Disney’s Jeanne Mosure. “We’re very excited to be incorporating Little Golden Books into our overarching strategy so parents can now introduce their own children to the wonders of the galaxy through this classic format.” The books will begin releasing later this month on July 28th with a boxed set planned for September 1st.

Speaking personally, I’ll admit to being a bit excited about the prospect of showing these to my daughter. While she’s too young to watch the movies right now, I’ve been trying to share Star Wars with her pretty much since the moment she was born. Up until now that’s meant watching out-of-context YouTube clips and reading Jeffrey Brown’s spoof books. These new Golden Book could serve as an opportunity to actually delve into the series’ story. That being the case, I will be interested to see how they handle some of the franchise’s darker moments. No matter how you swing it, killing the younglings is kind of hard to make child friendly.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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