Artist Timothy Lim recently released a photoshoot casting his guinea pigs (and a bunny) in famous Star Wars roles.

Someday, one lucky researcher at some university is going to be given an undeserved government grant to scientifically determine what the world’s most objectively adorable creature is. The answer, of course, will be the guinea pig. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re doing, guinea pigs are just plain cute. Sincerely, go ahead and just Google them. Once you’ve learned to ignore the horrifically interspersed images of skewered and cooked guinea pigs, we guarantee you’ll find yourself lost in an endless bounty of glorious fluffy joy.

If you don’t believe us just take a gander at this gallery of pigs re-enacting (we say in the loosest terms possible) various scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy. The pigs in question take on the roles of a Ton Ton, a dewback, Jabba the Hutt and R2-D2 actor Kenneth Baker. The gallery, for good measure, also includes a bunny in an Ewok costume, because why the heck not.

Honestly, while these photos were clearly shot for fun, we think that their creator, artist Timothy Lim, might actually be on to something. People might have hated the special editions, but imagine if Disney were to put out a just-for-laughs Guinea Edition of the original films. Guinea pig banthas. Guinea pig wampas. Guinea pig rancors. We’re not Jedi or anything, but we’re pretty sure the Force would be with this concept.

Source: We Love Fine

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