Star Wars Without Music is a Galaxy of Awkward


Auralnauts has released a new video removing the music from the award scene at the end of A New Hope.

I’ve never successfully read any of the Star Wars Expanded Universe books, and not for lack of trying. The thing is, there’s just something about that franchise for me that demands the whole package. You can have everything else -the Jedi, the Force, the space battles- and they just don’t quite work without the visuals or music that, in no small way, made Star Wars the special property that it is.

If you can’t see where I’m coming from then I’d definitely recommend you spend a few minutes watching Auralnauts most recent video. An edit of the award sequence at the end of A New Hope, it removes John Williams gorgeous score and replaces it with what has to be the most awkward silence in the history of the galaxy. They also add in a few coughs for effect and swap out Chewbacca’s natural Wookie sounds for an alternative growl clearly played for laughs.

Humorous additions aside, taking away the scene’s music does, in my humble opinion, a pretty good job of illustrating just how important the score is to the movie’s success. Take it away and all you have left is Luke Skywalker smiling creepily at Princess Leia, still thinking all those horrible “wouldn’t this be awkward if she were my sister” thoughts.

Source: YouTube

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