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A Starfield Easter Egg Is Trying to Reach You About Your Ship’s Extended Warranty

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Although I’m not sure how common this scam is in other countries, if you live in the United States, you have probably gotten a call from a robot trying to scam you by saying someone is trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty. Well, if one Easter egg in Starfield is to be believed, in the future, scammers will be trying to reach you about your ship’s extended warranty.

User ReasonedTwo posted a clip on Reddit in which an Unknown Ship hails the player. In this hail, the likely scammer says, “We’ve been trying to contact you about your ship’s extended warranty. Your warranty coverage has expired or is about to expire.” This is, of course, an Easter egg referencing this type of notorious spam call. You can watch the clip below.

No way they did this to us
by u/ReasonedTwo in Starfield

I came across this while perusing through Reddit, and let me tell you, this made me laugh. There are a lot of funny and clever Easter eggs hidden in Bethesda games, but this is one of those references that really just speaks to me as a person who has been bombarded by scam calls like this over the last few years. I assure you, my car, which is 15-years-old, is no longer under warranty, and no amount of Walmart gift cards is going to change that, mysterious stranger on the phone.

Overall reaction to Starfield has been positive so far. If you want to read The Escapist’s thoughts on the game, you can check out Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra’s impressions after playing 30 hour of Starfield.

Starfield officially launches Sept. 6. However, players who purchased certain versions of the game currently have early access to Starfield. As the game gets deeper into its launch window, expect more incredible Starfield Easter eggs like this one to come out.

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