State of Decay Truck Bed Screenshot

Following the success of their game on Xbox Live Arcade, Undead Labs has extended its “development relationship” with Microsoft for future titles.

Microsoft is clearly very happy with zombie survival game State of Decay. Earlier this year, it became the fastest selling original Xbox Live Arcade title, selling a half-million copies in a little over a week. That success has led to a new deal with developer Undead Labs, which announced on its website that they have entered into a multi-year, multi-game publishing agreement with Microsoft.

The studio isn’t ready to reveal all the details just yet, but thanked Microsoft Studios, their head, Phil Spencer, and their fans for their ongoing support. Earlier this year, Spencer already voiced his support to bring the Xbox 360 game over to the Xbox One. “Those that have followed this studio know that they have bigger plans for the franchise,” Spencer tweeted at the time. “I’m in.”

Source: Undead Labs

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