State of Decay: Breakdown emphasizes survival over story with its endless campaign of escalating zombie hordes.

In many ways, State of Decay already behaves like the ideal simulator for zombie fans. It boasts an open-world environment, multiple defensive outposts, recruitable survivors, and roving zombie hordes that can easily ruin your day. Still, once you’ve completed the story campaign, maybe you’re simply wondering how long you’d last against an unending stream of in-game zombies. If that’s the case, State of Decay‘s Breakdown DLC is for you. Arriving later this month, State of Decay: Breakdown emphasizes survival over story, seeing how long players last against increasingly challenging waves of living dead.

Breakdown will include new characters, weapons, and achievements, but the biggest focus is on its increased difficulty. Breakdown‘s threat only increases the longer you’ve survived, presumably in terms of special infected spawns and the escalating numbers of each horde. And unlike the story mode, which at least has an ending, Breakdown only stops when your last survivor is torn to pieces. That’s not to say there’s no reward for surviving longer than your friends. Outside of leaderboard rankings, players can complete challenges to unlock additional characters, each with unique weapons and skills.

State of Decay: Breakdown will be available for $6.99 on November 29, 2013. Both Steam and Xbox 360 platforms will receive the expansion, as well as a title update with bug fixes and a new loot distribution system. If you’re a PC gamer, Steam’s version will also get remappable keybind features, for all the good that does in keeping the mob at bay.

Source: Undead Labs, via Polygon

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