Steampunk Iron Man Takes Home Comic Con Cosplay Crown

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Rivets, cogs and steam, that’s a real Iron Man.

Tony Stark may call himself Iron Man, but being a modern hero, he has access to slightly more advanced materials than iron for his suit. But a cosplayer in New York has put together a suit that Stark might have built in Victorian times, when his options were more limited.

While the shape and overall design is familiar, the devil is in the details. Rather than an enclosed suit of armor, the steampunk version has riveted armor plate over a flexible canvas backing. The armor also seems to be cog driven, and has two exhaust pipes on the back for the steam engine. The armor was the winning entry in Marvel’s New York Comic Con cosplay contest. Details on the costume are thin on the ground, but it seems to be made of foam, judging by the damage on the left shoulder.

Unfortunately, as well as not telling us anything about the costume, we don’t know anything about the person inside it, which is a shame, because that person deserves all kinds of kudos. You can check out more pictures of the armor, plus a lot of other cosplayers from the convention in Marvel’s official Flickr stream.

Source: Toys R Evil

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