Steam’s Sending A Mann To Hell In Halloween Comic


Don’t you need to be at Camp Crystal Lake for that to work?

It’s that time of year when good girls and boys sit on Pyro’s knee and tell them what they want for Halloween. The folks at Mann Co, in preparation for the glad event, have put out a new comic for your perusal: Grave Matters, a tale of vengeance and death from beyond the veil. Redmond and Bluetarch want their feud settled once and for all, and Soldier has a way out for them. But it will take a bit of work …

Yes, this is a continuation of the Blood Brothers plotline. Valve’s been carving these Team Fortress 2 pumpkins for a while now and it’s always fun to watch. Last year’s horror show had wizard Merasmus slaying left and right, but now he’s in prison Valve may want someone – or something – else for its Halloween festivities.

But I suppose you just want a link to the comic, don’t you? Well, all right then. Here is is.

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