Steam’s Webmages Selling Shadowrun 33% Off


A one day only sale, chummer.

If the thought of fantasy cyberpunk dystopia Shadowrun Returns hasn’t yet tempted you to part with the readies, today’s your lucky day. In fact, today is your only lucky day, since Steam’s 33% off sale is a one day only event, and ends Weds at 10am Pacific time. Better hurry!

Shadowrun is Harebrained Schemes’ shot at revitalizing this venerable RPG. It’s got more than a touch of XCom in its tactical combat, and there’s a ton of user generated content being developed as you read this. Out there, right now, someone is designing an Ork, just for you. The daily deal means that the basic game is just $13.39 while the deluxe – basic game, soundtrack and short story plus concept art anthology – is $23.44.

Want to know more? Mr Johnson suggests you head over to Steam and have a look-see.

Source: Steam

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