Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Internal 1984 Apple Video


Hopefully someone finds a clip of Steve Ballmer playing Winston Churchill, or Bill Gates playing Ike.

Wired’s Tech Time Warp piece this week takes a look at an old internal Apple video. Much like the Ridley Scott-directed 1984 Super Bowl ad, this internal sales video is over the top, pitting Apple Allies against the evil empire (IBM).

Steve Jobs makes a Rooseveltian appearance (around the 5:20 mark). Nothing feeds an ego like playing one of America’s most revered Presidents, I suppose!

Apple is now at a point where they haven’t had a new product line in quote some time. That’s not to throw shade at the immensely successful iPhone and iPad lineups, but consumers always clamor for something new. With a watch or TV possibly on the horizon, one can only wonder if Apple will ever have an ad campaign as ambitious as its 80’s ads ever again.

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