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Steven Spielberg No Longer Directing Indiana Jones 5, James Mangold in Talks

Steven Spielberg No Longer Directing Indiana Jones 5, James Mangold in Talks

Like a pulsing heart ripped from a sacrifice’s chest, Indiana Jones 5 just won’t stop beating. The film has been delayed so many times that Harrison Ford might die before it comes out and now news has broken that Steven Spielberg has stepped away from the project. This, however, does not mean the film is not happening anymore.

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Spielberg is reportedly leaving the director’s chair because he wants to pass the Indy torch on to a new generation of filmmakers, and as such, talks with James Mangold are happening for him to come on board. Spielberg would remain on the film as a “hands-on” producer, but this would be the first Indiana Jones film that he doesn’t direct. It seems Spielberg, Ford (who is still returning to the role), and Disney are intent on making this film happen despite the fact that it’s been in the works since 2015 with very little to show for it.

Now, before we all go bemoaning the loss of Spielberg on Indiana Jones 5, let’s remember two things. The first is that this is the man that brought us Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He is not infallible and he is definitely not perfect when it comes to making Indy movies. (Temple of Doom is objectively bad as well.) Second, if anyone has to replace him, James Mangold might be the exact right person to do it. He’s not only an Academy Award-nominated director, but he’s also the guy who made the Wolverine movies good again with the underrated The Wolverine and the fantastic Logan. This could wind up being a very good thing.

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