“Still Alive” Choir Says Thank You to The Escapist


The Gifford Children’s Choir, which made a splash in March with its rendition of Jonathan Coulton’s “Still Alive,” has filmed a brand-new video to thank the readers of The Escapist for helping to make it so popular.

Near the end of March, the Gifford Children’s Choir, made up of kids in grades 3 to 5, put out an incredibly cool version of “Still Alive,” the closing credits song from the hit Valve game Portal. The video became a massive internet hit and brought international recognition to the choir, thanks in no small part to the readers of The Escapist, who were among the first to see it and spread the word.

“I would like to ask for your help in getting our thank-you video out to The Escapist viewers,” Choir Director Jack Senzig wrote in a private message he sent yesterday. “As a result of the buzz that you and others generated for us we not only got 500,000 hits on our video but we got an offer to audition for a TV series. The kids have been floating around school ever since.”

To express their gratitude, the kids recorded the brand-new and much higher quality version of the video that was promised after the first one went big, with a few new bits tossed in. The new video can be seen here and, having had a sneak preview of it myself, I have to say that it’s one of the coolest tributes to the people of The Escapist I’ve ever run across.

So thank you, kids, from all of us, and best wishes for the future. To learn more about the Gifford Children’s Choir or check out some of their other videos, head over to

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