Jonathan Coulton – or at least his song-writing talents – will make a triumphant return in Portal 2, but don’t expect any cake.

Portal was so short and sweet that it’s nigh-impossible to pick out one moment as being the “best.” If you had to pick one though – perhaps while being held at gunpoint by a particularly irate Valve fan – you’d probably be safe with Still Alive, the charming and funny song that played as the credits rolled.

Now, Jonathon Coulton, the songwriter and self-confessed geek behind the song, has confirmed that he will also be contributing music to Portal 2. Coulton flew to Seattle last night, and as the doors were closing, he joked on Twitter that if the plane went down, then the Portal 2 song would go down with him. Thankfully, there was no plane-related disaster, and Coulton landed safely a few hours later, saving not only the song, but Christmas as well, if Coulton’s follow-up tweet is to be believed.

The song won’t have too many references from the first game, however, as writer Erik Wolpaw has made it very clear that he does not intend to resurrect three year old jokes. “If you thought you were sick of the memes, I was sick of it way ahead of you,” he said. “For instance, cake. I’ve had enough cake jokes.”

Portal 2 comes out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 21st.

Source: Shacknews

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