Stonking Great Game Contest Now Live!


Zero Punctuation is The Escapist’s groundbreaking and award nominated video review series starring Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. Every Wednesday Zero Punctuation picks apart the games so you don’t have to in an unfiltered style that can only be described as “rapid-fire.” Gamers love it, developers fear it and and now it’s your turn to create a game and be judged by Yahtzee!

Starting Wednesday, August 5th, 2009, The Escapist will be taking submissions for browser based Zero Punctuation games.

Why? Yahtzee put it best:

People have tried to make ZP-based games before. But now they’ll have to make them to some kind of actual standards, the poor suckers. Let’s hope the entries will be as enjoyable to play as they will be to criticize.


For more details and a full set of rules, please visit our main contest page by clicking here.

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