The American Dental Association is teaming up with PopCap Games to promote a healthy Halloween without all the sucktastic fruit.

Every neighborhood has it: the house that hands out apples and toothbrushes on Halloween. And we know what happens next, right gang? You throw ’em throw their windows and then set their lawn ornaments on fire! Yeah! Or maybe you could just skip that house next year. Either way, there are few things lamer than fruit for Halloween. Yet the American Dental Association is obligated to draw a line in the sand somewhere. What’s a poor, fun-sucking dental advisory board to do?

This year, the ADA is trying something different: the Stop Zombie Mouth campaign! America’s dentists have teamed up with PopCap to “redefine what a Halloween ‘treat’ can be… by giving FUN instead of candy!” And yes, that sounds incredibly lame too, but it’s actually not a terrible idea. PopCap has made printable coupons available for either PC or Mac versions of Plants vs. Zombies, and apparently some dentists even have “limited edition, collectible Plants vs. Zombies trading cards” with codes on them to give away.

The codes appear to be all the same so you don’t have to worry about running out, and if you want to be “that guy” I suppose you could download a coupon and use it yourself as you sit alone on Halloween in your darkened house, hoping that nobody rings your bell. The only potential downside is the great likelihood that everyone who gets this coupon already has Plants vs. Zombies, but it’s still better than an apple or an orange – and no matter how tightly you crumple it up, there’s no way you can throw one of these coupons through a plate glass window. (Pro tip to participants: American Dental Association be damned, kick in a couple Tootsie Rolls with this thing. Better safe than sorry.)

Halloween arrives on all platforms on October 31. Don’t miss it!

Source: Stop Zombie Mouth

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