Stormtrooper: The Death Star was MY Idea


In a parody of the Windows 7 commercials, TK-421 claims that he came up with fully armed and operational space station.

Even though Windows 7 was probably the best OS to come out of Microsoft’s Redmond offices in 15 years, the marketing campaign was kind of lackluster. Random people extolled what they thought was good ideas for their computer and ended with the tagline, “I’m blah blah, and Windows 7 was my idea.” While it didn’t see as many parodies as the “I’m a Mac” commercials, the Windows 7 campaign was not above derision. But no entity has hilariously skewered the commercials as well as SneakyZebra has with a lowly stormtrooper talking about his concept for the Death Star that’s “wipe out the middle man” by blowing planets up from space.

“I’m TK-421, and the Death Star was my idea,” he says.

Sneaky Zebra actually made three Star Wars-themed Windows 7 parodies. The Darth Vader version isn’t quite so funny, unless you find the phrase “pimped-out spaceball” hilarious, but the Chewbacca one is great if only because we have no idea what he’s saying.

Kind of makes me nostalgic for the Star Wars Holiday Special and Chewbacca’s family celebrating Life Day. Check out the rest of Sneaky Zebra’s videos on their YouTube page.

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