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Strange World Trailer Shows That Disney Still Has Some Original Ideas

Strange World official trailer Disney

No, your eyes do not deceive you. The trailer below is indeed for a brand new, original movie that is not based on an already existing IP from Disney. Strange World is a new animated film from Disney that is (1) not a sequel, (2) not a spinoff, (3) not a reboot, (4) has nothing to do with Star Wars or Marvel, and (5) actually looks like a lot of fun in its official trailer.

Yes, evidently the House of Mouse can be original even without the help of Pixar. The new animated feature feels like a throwback to old adventure films and is just jam-packed full of creative visuals and unique ideas, judging from the Strange World trailer. Of course, it’s still a Disney movie, so there’s a family drama going on as Searcher Clade (OK, a bit on the nose) embarks on an adventure with his son Ethan when the president comes and tells them they must save the world. That takes them on a journey to this “strange world” where Searcher discovers that his father, Jaeger, has been living since going missing on an adventure of his own. There’s also an adorable squishy slime thing because you can’t have a Disney movie without a thing that can be sold as a toy.

The voice cast for the film is packed with talent. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Searcher, with Ethan and Jaeger played by Jaboukie Young-White and Dennis Quaid respectively. They’re joined by Gabrielle Union as Meridian Clade, a pilot and partner to Searcher, and Lucy Liu as Callisto Mal, the aforementioned leader of Avalon, the world the film takes place in. Behind the camera, the film is no slouch either, with accomplished animation director Don Hall (Big Hero 6, Raya and the Last Dragon) working off a screenplay from playwright Qui Nguyen, who is also co-directing the movie. In fact, Hall has turned into Disney’s go-to guy for its animated features, and so far it’s paid off in spades. Hopefully this continues the trend.

Strange World will release in theaters on November 23.

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