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Stray, the indie game from BlueTwelve Studio that sees players roaming the streets as a lost cat, has received a new video showcasing its gameplay. Producer Swann Martin-Raget narrates the four-minute video, which premiered during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase. In Stray, players will solve puzzles and traverse environments with skills only available to a cat, with the video showing more of the game’s grimy world and robot citizens.

When dangers inevitably present themselves in Stray, players will need to demonstrate fast reflexes to survive. You won’t be completely alone, however, as a small drone cheekily named B12 will eventually accompany the cat, helping with communication and allowing for more interactivity in the environment. You can see the adorable pair in action in the Stray gameplay video below.

In a post at the PlayStation.Blog, Martin-Raget emphasized the importance of exploration in Stray, saying that BlueTwelve added lots of detail for players who pay enough attention. In addition to the lore to be found throughout the environment itself, it sounds like B12 will have its own mysterious past to uncover.

Stray launches sometime in early 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Until then, Martin-Raget said to stay tuned for more information, teasing that there is still a whole new section of the city that has not been properly revealed just yet.

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