Streamer Breaks Record for Largest Minecraft Pixel Art


Twitch streamer Thorlar has just completed the biggest pixel art image ever made in Minecraft… and he did it for a good cause.

Thorlar is a twitch streamer who has spent 23 weeks creating the massive image of Kerrigan, Deathwing, and Diablo on Minecraft, which weighs in at a whopping 1,128,960 blocks.

“I just kept building big pixel arts and found myself noticing that my viewers said they never saw anything so big. So I decided to try and go way over the top after researching: 1,128,960 blocks,” Thorlar told me in a Twitter discussion today. “Didn’t really expect it to go viral… just did it for fun and because I like a challenge really. And whilst building it, collecting money for charity just because I think it’s worth it.”

Thorlar selected Make-A-Wish foundation as his primary focus, and recently partnered with their Irish branch. “We are delighted to be involved with a truly unique and innovative fundraising idea, brought to us through Twitch partner, Thorlar,” the page reads. “Thorlar will be live streaming each day, doing what he enjoys most, playing computer games.”

“The ad revenue generated by each viewer of this live stream will be donated to Make-A-Wish Ireland. So the fundraising mechanism is simple – as the visitors to the website increase, so does the money to Make-A-Wish!”

“It felt right to try and make the world a little bit brighter and happier, while having fun doing so” Thorlar said of the project.

The day the record was set, Thorlar says that he raised $1337. He also said that over the course of the project, the most money was raised through Humble-Bundle, which had raised just over $2,000. This is part of an 11 year long challenge of daily streams, from which Thorlar hopes to raise $100,000.

For this image, Thorlar free-formed the build. “While it may seem extreme at first, one can consider this: Most people would agree by simply knowing the MC palette and the colors of an image that you can easily make an 8-bit Mario pixel art. The only difference between that and my build is size and some more complexity. Learn the palette and patterns for shading and well… Suddenly you can build whatever you want.”

For more from Thorlar, you can check out the gallery below.

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