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Rashid Joins Street Fighter 6 This Month

Street Fighter 6 Rashid release date July 24, 2023 Capcom

Rashid of the Turbulent Wind is plummeting down to bring the pain in Street Fighter 6 with a release date of July 24, 2023, available not just in Fighting Ground but also in World Tour mode, where his moves can be studied and applied while learning more about his background. Rashid-related gear, emotes, and more will be offered through the “Rashid Arrives!” Fighting Pass as well. Rashid brings the following moves to Street Fighter 6:

  • Arabian Cyclone: A new special move that performs a spinning kick and conjures up a whirlwind; can be used as a standalone blow, or transitioned into Rolling Assault or Wing Stroke
  • Arabian Skyhigh: A new double jump move that keeps opponents guessing on where Rashid will land from the air
  • Super Rashid Kick: Level 1 Super Art that unloads a devastating kick while soaring forward and up through the air
  • Ysaar: Previously Rashid’s V-Trigger move in Street Fighter™ V, this Level 2 Super Art summons a slow-moving whirlwind projectile that can be used to pressure opponents
  • Altair: Rashid’s Level 3 Super Art calls forth a tempest that lifts opponents before he rains down on them with a monsoon of powerful blows

Rashid is the first DLC fighter, and he will be followed by A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma. If you have the Year 1 Character Pass and/or the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game, you will receive instant access to these characters as they are released. But it begins with Rashid, and his release date in Street Fighter 6 is set in stone for July 24.

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