If Street Fighter High: The Musical isn’t the most epic thing you’ve seen all day, you can dress me up like Zac Efron and dragon-punch me in the face.

I don’t even know where to begin. Laying out some kind of contextual framework for Street Fighter High: The Musical is a futile endeavor. It’s a two-part, 20-minute song-and-dance epic based on the early adventures of the most famous fighters on Earth. The Youtube channel says it best: “They would become the world’s greatest fighting champions. But first they had to go to prom.”

Street Fighter High: The Musical is actually a sequel to Street Fighter High, a parody video released in April that follows Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka and the rest as they fight… to fit in. Hey, high school is a tough time for everyone. Want to know more? Keep track of all the gang’s zany hijinks at streetfighterhigh.com



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