Want to watch a fan-crafted, Street Fighter-themed graffiti art mural come together before your very eyes? Today’s your lucky day.

The vignette embedded at top-right is a time-lapse video depicting the effort that goes into crafting a massive mural using aerosol spray paint and a not insignificant amount of artistic talent. What’s it doing on The Escapist, you ask? The mural, painted by artist Allen “Leper” Hampton in Birmingham, Alabama is a surprisingly accurate recreation of the pre-fight screens seen in 2008’s Street Fighter IV. Specifically, the piece appears to suggest that Chun-Li and Sagat are about to throw down somewhere in the vicinity of that otherwise unassuming stone wall.

If you’re curious exactly how much time goes into a piece like this, Hampton claims that this particular mural was the result of three days of painting. The work is entirely crafted using aerosol spray cans, which should be doubly impressive to anyone who lives in a major urban area populated by uncreative taggers and supposedly nihilist teenagers with too much free time.

Assuming you find the mural impressive and would like to see more of Hampton’s work, you can find his portfolio at the aptly named AllenHampton.net. And if those characters pique your interest, you can find them in tons of Capcom videogames dating as far back as 1991. They’re prolific like that.

Source: YouTube

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