Suda51’s Side Scrolling Longest Day To Get Europe and Australasia Release


Suda51’s PS3 exclusive is only one part of the SHORT PEACE anime movie compilation.

Suda51’s side scroller, Ranko Tsukigume’s Longest Day is the fifth segment of anime compilation SHORT PEACE, so if you get a little dizzy watching this trailer, that might be why. Or it might just be because it’s a Suda51 title. He’s not known for making simple things, though the plot here is simple enough. You’re arrogant high school student and part-time assassin Ranko Tsukigime, and if you don’t run like hell, demons will catch you. Now watch the trailer. Remember to pick up bits of your blown mind on the way out.

The SHORT PEACE compilation is from Akira and Steamboy artist Katsuhiro Otomo, and its Possessions – aka Tsukumo – short about everyday tools changing into supernatural creatures is up for an Oscar. GAMBO (oni versus polar bear), Combustible (Edo-era love story) and Farewell to Weapons, set in battle-ravaged Tokyo, round out the collection.

Ranko Tsukigume’s Longest Day is a PS3 exclusive, already out in Japan and due in Europe and Australasia spring 2014. The four other SHORT PEACE installments will be made available digitally when it launches. As for North America, your guess is as good as mine.

Source: Namco Bandai

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