Suit Up With These Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Armor Locations

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Look your best while customizing robotic companions with these armor and apparel locations for all the new gear in Fallout 4’s add-on Automatron.

With a focus on the mechanized side of the Fallout universe, Automatron adds a handful of extra armor pieces to collect. The robot armor is the most complete, with enough pieces to cover your body. Then there’s the flashy new Power Armor pieces that resemble the standard T-60 with bonus flair. To accentuate the robotic theme, you’ll get your pick of three different robot armor helmets that partially, or completely, cover the sole survivor’s face in or out of combat. The final unique outfit won’t be spoiled here, but the old favorite from Fallout 3 makes a comeback. Learn where to get all these armored outfits with the list of tips and locations further down the page.

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Automatron – All New Armor Locations

There are three new armor sets and several alternate helmets based on scrapped robots. Find them all with these location tips!

  • Robot Armor Set: This armor is worn by the Rust Devils raider gang first encountered in “Headhunting” quest. The Rust Devils are based out of the Fort Hagen Satellite Array. Rust Devils can also be randomly encountered in the wasteland, or during “Rogue Robot” side-quests. This set of armor is a tier above standard Metal Armor and can be worn over Vault Suits, military fatigues, or any other standard clothing sets. A full set of robot armor consists of; chest piece, right leg, left leg, right arm, left arm.
  • Tesla Armor Set: Tesla Armor is a unique upgraded T-60 Power Armor suit featuring open electrode currents on the chest and arm pieces. The Tesla Armor is worn by Ivey near the end of the Hagen Satellite Array dungeon accessed through the “Headhunting” quest. Ivey also carries the Tesla Rifle. The armor is identical to T-60 armor except for an additional bonus to energy weapon damage. The set consists of three power armor pieces; chest, right arm, left arm.
  • Mechanist Set: The retro sci-fi outfit is acquired from the Mechanist at the end of the “Restoring Order” quest. It can be looted from the Mechanist’s body or given by solving the quest peacefully. The set can be upgraded with the Ballistic Weave tailoring upgrade, and consists of a helmet and armor piece.
  • Assaultron Helmet: This helmet is the first of three robot-themed armor accessories. What make the Assaultron Helmet special is how it reacts to your stance; with weapon drawn, the visor is closed to appear more robot-like, but if your weapon is holstered the helmet will open to reveal the sole survivor’s face. This helmet is worn by Rust Devils in Robot Armor that spawn randomly post-Level 15.
  • Sentry Bot Helmet: The face-covering Sentry Bot helmet starts with the highest base damage protection stat when compared to the other three robot armor variants. It completely covers the survivor’s face, and can be found after Level 15 when Rust Devil raiders begin to spawn on the map.
  • Eyebot Helmet: The final robot helmet is themed after the Enclave’s eyebots. This one has no special features, and is similar to other helmet variants in that it can be upgraded to surpass the Combat Helmet’s damage protection. It is found randomly on Rust Devil raiders post-Level 15.

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