Summer Games Done Quick Raises $1.2M For Charity


The annual charity speedrunning event raised over a million dollars for Doctors Without Borders.

Games Done Quick is a group of insane lads who try to finish games as fast as humanly possible for our enjoyment and donations. Their summer speedrunning festival has raised a record-breaking $1,297,924.44, which will go to the fine folks over at Doctors Without Borders. This is slightly more than the $1.2M brought in by the event last year.

The event featured 177 speedruns, ranging from popular speedrunning titles like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (which you can see in the video to the right) to random obscure advergames like Pepsiman.

You can check out the full archive of speedruns over at the Games Done Quick YouTube chanel.

Games Done Quick’s next event will be the Awesome Games Done Quick event running in early winter 2017.

Source: Games Done Quick

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