The game’s release date has been pushed up from “December” to November 29.

A cherry that makes Mario doppelgangers, a “cannon hat” that fires a steady stream of cannonballs from Mario’s head, and a Goomba disguise are some of the new powerups Nintendo have revealed for Super Mario 3D World in its latest trailer. Additionally, it looks like the game has been pushed up from its prior “December” release date, as Nintendo has announced it will be released on November 29.

The video also shows Mario using some kind of sled vehicle on an ice level to plough through Goombas. The boomerang suit from the 3DS’s Super Mario 3D Land was also confirmed to be making a comeback, as is the iconic “Tanooki Suit”.

A couple of “pick up” items were also shown, including a baseball, which can be thrown to stun enemies, and a Pirahna Plant, which will automatically eat any enemy in front of it.

As this game will be a 4-player co-op affair starring Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, it gave us a closer look at how each of these characters will look when using said powerups, as well as some of the unique differences in play-styles between them. As was the case in Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi has the highest jump, but skids on the ground, Peach has her signature “floaty” jumps, and Toad is the fastest, while Mario is the vanilla all-rounder.

The very end of the trailer shows off the utter chaos we can look forward to in 4-player co-op when every player has gotten their hands on a doppleganger cherry…

Source: YouTube

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