Super Mari Bros. The Movie Box Art

Fans will be able to relive a dark moment in the history of the gaming industry on May 24th at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles.

Gritty re-imaginings have been a bit of a trend in film and games for years now. And while the Christopher Nolans and Tomb Raiders of the world might receive success and accolades, you have to question how hard their job really was. Batman and Lara Croft don’t exactly come from bright and happy universes. The crew of Super Mario Bros. The Movie on the other hand, did something special. What else can you call transforming the colorful, child friendly world of the Super Mario games into a Blade Runner-esque dystopia complete with Goomba shock troops? It’s the sort of awful that legends are made of.

Super Mario Bros. may not be a good film, but it still has fans and later this month they’re in for a treat. It’s been twenty years since the movie was originally released and a special screening is being held in Los Angeles to celebrate. In addition to the movie itself, there will be a Q & A panel featuring screenwriter Parker Bennet and production designer David L. Snyder, both of whom worked on the movie. The screening will be held at the NuArt Theatre on May 24th at midnight and is being hosted by Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive, a website dedicated to the film.

While I am generally a person that believes in the sentiment of the “to each his own,” there are some things that still leave you asking “Why?” I’d definitely place this in that category. Granted, I was maybe six or seven the last time I saw it, but even then the movie was pretty awful. If there was a detail of the games it could get wrong, it rarely wasted the opportunity do so. This isn’t to say the Mushroom Kingdom should have been easy to film. The place is downright bonkers when you really think about it. That said, Super Mario Bros. The Movie is widely regarded as being a wretched experience and remains one of the prime exemplars of why some games are better off avoiding the big screen.

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