In not-so-Soviet Russia, Super Meat Boy box art designs you.

The good news: Super Meat Boy will be seeing a boxed PC retail release in Russia before it does the same anywhere else in the world! The bad news: It doesn’t have box art. Or rather, it doesn’t have box art yet.

See, the thing is, SMB creator Edmund McMillen really doesn’t want to make the box art. So instead, he’s asking his fans in Russia to do it for him – and he’s holding a contest to find the winner.

In the video seen here, McMillen – rocking one of those swank fuzzy Russian hats – offers his suggestions for an appropriately Russian box art. Why not make a box themed around Matryoshka dolls, bears, vodka, or Street Fighter‘s Zangief? As long as it has Meat Boy on it, it’s all good.

The rules can be found on the Team Meat home page: The format, the resolution, the image proportions, and so forth. Send the image in, wait for the winner to be chosen around January 17th, and if you’re the lucky Russian artist you’ll win an Acer monitor!

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but find the video hilarious – it’s the complete earnestness in which McMillen runs down the list of Russian stereotypes that just makes it so endearing.

If any of our Russian readers are going to take a shot at it, good luck! Maybe you could hide our “e” in there somewhere? No? Ah, it was worth a shot.

(Super Meat Boy: Hello From America!)

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