Superman Returns star returns to DC Universe for CW series

He may have been replaced as the live-action Superman by Henry Cavill, but Superman Returns’ Brandon Routh isn’t done with DC Comics roles: He’s now set to appear in the third season of Arrow as scientist/superhero Ray Palmer, aka The Atom.

Created in 1961, The Atom is a physicist who discovers a way to reduce his size to the subatomic level (as opposed to Marvel’s similar Ant-Man, who can typically “only” shrink to insect size and also become a giant) while retaining his natural strength, which he utilizes to become a costumed superhero and occasional Justice League member. His size-changing abilities also enable him to travel through telephone lines a the speed of electricity, visit pocket-universes existing at the subatomic level and even traverse the Multiverse by slipping through the cracks between dimensions.

Routh originally auditioned for the role of Superman back when director McG was still circling JJ Abrams “Superman: Flyby” script, and was recalled to the role for Returns by Bryan Singer. He’s since made noteworthy appearances in Scott Pilgrim and Zack & Miri Make a Porno and had the title role in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

Source: TV Line

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