Survey: Disabled Americans Find Comfort in Casual Games


Millions of disabled Americans find relief and welcome distraction from their impairments through casual video games, according to a new survey.

An examination of 13,296 casual gamers revealed that 20.5 percent have a mental, physical or developmental disability, compared with a 15.1 percent national average, and that these gamers viewed and responded to casual games differently from other players.

All but 6 percent of disabled players said casual games provided physical or mental benefits, compared with 80 percent of casual gamers overall. Relief from stress, elevated mood, distraction from disability-related problems and improved concentration were listed as the top benefits among disabled players.

The definition of “casual” gameplay varied among this segment of gamers, with 60 percent saying they played casual games for five or more hours a week, 40 percent doing so for 10 or more hours, and 24 percent playing for 16 or more hours.

Their casual gaming preferences mirrored that of non-disabled gamers, with puzzle, word and trivia, and arcade games taking the top three spots.

The survey was conducted by Information Solutions Group for Popcap Games.

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