Survive Any Drop with the Rare Fallout 4 Freefall Armor

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Fallout 4‘s Commonwealth is a pretty vertical place. The central city of Boston is filled with skyscrapers and highways, giving you a pretty good reason to unlock the jetpack boosters — but if you’re looking to survive every drop, how about grabbing a rare piece of Freefall Armor.

Freefall Armor completely removes fall damage. You heard right. It’s only for Power Armor, but that little bonus can completely change the way you navigate the Commonwealth. Instead of looking for paths to safely reach the lower floors of tall buildings, now you can simply drop off the roof with no negative effects. It’s a super rare piece of gear, and we’ve got the location detailed below.

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Where to Find Freefall Armor

The Freefall Armor consists of two pieces; the Left Leg and the Right Leg. To get it, you’ll first need to upgrade your Power Armor Torso with a Jetpack.

To install a Jetpack, unlock the Rank 4 Science! and Rank 4 Armorer perks.

Once you’ve got a Jetpack, go to the Mass Fusion skyscraper that plays heavily into the end-game. You can visit this location at any point, and it is located very close to the town of Goodneighbor.

Later in the game, an elevator will activate on the fifth floor. Walk up to the eighth floor, then use your Jetpack to continue to climb up into the 28th floor.

The Freefall Legs are located at the highest accessible office in the game. Once you climb all the way up, you’ll need to use a bug in the physics engine of the game to climb higher — to do this, wedge your Power Armor suit in the corner or against a wall until you’re standing against it, allowing you to boost up higher as if you were standing on solid ground.

At the top of the balconies, look up to see a missing wall into an office. Use the physics glitch and quicksave first to reach this office, then turn around and look up again to see another opening high up. Once again use the glitch to boost inside.

Once you manage to reach the highest office, pick the Novice lock to discover the Freefall Power Armor Legs, the hardest-to-find item in Fallout 4.

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